If you wish to help our church and do a good deed for the salvation of your soul or in thanksgiving for a blessing received or in memory of a departed loved one, you can do so in the following manner:

  • Financial contributions (general, to the building fund, for charity)
    If you donate $1,000 and more to our Building Fund, we will add one name for permanent commemoration in our church commemorations book!
  • Sponsorship of trips for our children to an Orthodox summer camp
  • Bring merchandise for the bookstore from Russia or Ukraine
  • Help with organization of coffee hour
    • Bring disposable dishes, napkins, etc.
    • Purchase juice for children
  • Help to acquire necessities for performing the Services: incense, charcoal, oil and candles for the altar.
  • Take part in one of our internal Church ministries
  • Make a directed donation for a specific purpose. At the present time we need:
    • Vestments (church robes) for children 10-13 years of age – 2 or 3 items
    • Floorstand for our patronal icon of the Annunciation to the Most-Holy Theotokos
    • A set of “Spears” for serving the Liturgy
    • Chalice (with an inset of precious metals) and diskos for serving the Liturgy
    • Priest’s vestments in black and matching covers for the altar tables
    • Church lecturns – 3 items
    • Audio system and video camera to record the sermon
  • Obtain copies of the Holy Scripture (Synodal translation) for distribution to the needy

Reply to Fr. Arkady if you would like to help in some way:  (904) 302-3213 or aocrector@gmail.com.

And may the Lord bless you!