March 7, 6-00 PM – first FREE lesson. 

At the end of 20 lessons course you will learn:

  • read simple texts
  • write simple sentences
  • comprehend and use vocabulary in basic topics: greeting, telling about yourself and family, describing things around you, asking and giving directions, shopping etc.
  • understand and use elementary grammar models in your speech

Lessons schedule: every Tuesday from 7:00 till 8:40 (two lessons).

To apply for the course please fill out application (click here to open pdf file) and send it to (download application in PDF)

Our discount price for the whole course is $265 plus $30 for educational material. ($295 total price). You can pay cash or check after the lesson on March 7 or make a payment through Pay Pal (plus …. for money transfer) till March 13.