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Our Russian Language School has been operating since 2013.

Now there are seven children's groups. Classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays in the evening.

The groups are small, but it is very important for us that the children in the groups are of approximately the same age and level of knowledge.

Over the years, we have formed a very good team of teachers, where like-minded people have gathered who give children a lot of mental strength.

Twice a year we hold open lessons - New Year's holidays and - in honor of the end of the school year. Children are always involved in preparation for these lessons with great joy. Parents provide us with great help and support.

Of course, the school's work is best evaluated by what knowledge the students receive. For this, testing is carried out at the end of the year. I must say that the results are very good. And this is even though children study only one lesson a week.

We invite everyone to us. First of all, children. But we really need the help of adults. If you want to enroll your children in Russian Language classes or help us in some way, don't hesitate to get in touch with the director of the Russian School Olga Sapp:

The class schedule can be found in the parish calendar.